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Meet Our Staff

Beardstown CUSD # 15  Mission Statement:  Provide a challenging and responsive, educational environment in a changing community that creates caring, socially responsible, and exemplary students.


Lori Young Principal youngl@beardstown.com
Denise Wittler Assistant Principal wittlerd@beardstown.com
Tammee Petersen Director of Language Acquisition petersent@beardstown.com


Jan Bailey Special Education baileyjan@beardstown.com
Michael Benanti 4th Grade benantim@beardstown.com
Stephanie Brown 4th Grade Dual Language-Spanish brown@beardstown.com
Amanda Casper 2nd Grade English caspera@beardstown.com
Isamar Chavez-Hernandez 3rd Grade Dual Language-Spanish chavezi@beardstown.com
Stephanie Chavez Kindergarten Dual Language-Spanish chavezstephanie@beardstown.com
Alison Clements Title One clementsa@beardstown.com
Gennah Cook Special Education



Anissa Crotts Kindergarten English crottsa@beardstown.com
Beth DeWitt 4th Grade dewittbeth@beardstown.com
Jessica DeWitt Primary Cross-Categorical dewittj@beardstown.com
Mika Drumeller Music drumellerm@beardstown.com
Kristin Durham Kindergarten - ESL English durhamk@beardstown.com
Samantha Elam 1st Grade - Dual Language - English elams@beardstown.com
Rochelle Galvez 4th - Dual Language  cavanaughr@beardstown.com
Nancy Hardy ESL  hardyn@beardstown.com
Jennifer Haschemeyer 4th Grade English haschemeyerj@beardstown.com
Brent Haverback Physical Education haverbackb@beardstown.com
Amy Hemphill Kindergarten English hemphilla@beardstown.com
Walytza Irigoyen 4th Grade - Dual Language irigoyenw@beardstown.com
Jacki Kelly 1st Grade - Dual Language - English kellyj@beardstown.com
Melissa Kimani 3rd Grade kimanim@beardstown.com
Peggy Kinsey 2nd Grade - Dual Language - English kinseyp@beardstown.com
Hannah Lovekamp 4th Grade - Dual Language - English lovekamph@beardstown.com
Maggie Nordsiek Social Worker nordsiekm@beardstown.com
Katie Palmer 2nd Grade - Dual Language - Spanish wagersk@beardstown.com
Ryan Reiss 3rd Grade English reissr@beardstown.com
Emily Riddle 2th and 3rd LD Resource riddlee@beardstown.com
Lisa Riddle Art riddlel@beardstown.com
Donna Rohn 3rd Grade English dkrohn@beardstown.com
Yadira Ruiz-Gil 3rd Grade - Dual Language - Spanish ruizy@beardstown.com
Isabel Sheeley 1st Grade - Dual Language - Spanish sheeleyi@beardstown.com
Toni Shinall 1st Grade - Dual Language - English shinallt@beardstown.com
Kari Six 2nd Grade - Dual Language Stand Alone sixk@beardstown.com
Emily Smith 4th Grade Dual Language smithee@beardstown.com
Nathan Theis 3rd and 4th LD Resource theisn@beardstown.com
Brooke Tracy Kindergarten - Dual Language - English tracyb@beardstown.com
Tami Zeeck 2nd Grade - English zeeckt@beardstown.com
Nick ZuHone 4th Grade English zuhonen@beardstown.com
Pilar Zuluaga 1st Grade - Dual Language - Spanish zuluagap@beardstown.com

Support Staff

Denise Becker Secretary denise@beardstown.com
Brooke Beller Aide  
Skylar Bennett Aide  
Inserted Image Sara Brannan Cafeteria Staff  
Debbie Brown Cafeteria Staff  
Amanda Carriger Speech carrigera@beardstown.com
Lorie Chrzanowski Aide  
Bibi Cline Language Facilitator  
Brenda Coats Cafeteria Staff  
Tami Cooper Aide  
Jennifer Dotzert Aide  
Fatima Fernandez Aide  
Jan Ford Aide  
Jessica Fricke Speech frickej@beardstown.com
Ana Hamilton One-on-One Aide  
Marlene Krohe Aide  
Linda Lathrop Aide  
Kathy Long Cafeteria Supervisor longk@beardstown.com
Paulina Madigal Aide  
Jennifer Martinez Aide  
Arizz Molina Secretary molinaa@beardstown.com
Carmen Nava Aide  
Susan Reichert Aide  
Sabina Rios-Gomez Language Facilitator  
Sarah Seaman Aide seamansarah@beardstown.com
Heidi Simpson Secretary simpsonh@beardstown.com
Cindy Swartz Bus Driver swartzc@beardstown.com
Carol Tego Aide  
Susan Thompson Cafeteria Staff  
Tara Towery Aide  
Kathy Wellenkamp Aide  
Missy Wink Aide  
Staci Young School Nurse youngs@beardstown.com
Eufemia Zarate Aide  



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