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Meet Our Staff

Beardstown CUSD # 15  Mission Statement:  Provide a challenging and responsive, educational environment in a changing community that creates caring, socially responsible, and exemplary students.


Lori Young Principal youngl@beardstown.com
Denise Wittler Assistant Principal wittlerd@beardstown.com
Tammee Petersen Director of Language Acquisition petersent@beardstown.com


Jan Bailey Special Education baileyjan@beardstown.com
Michael Benanti 4th Grade benantim@beardstown.com
Stephanie Brown 4th Grade Dual Language-Spanish brown@beardstown.com
Amanda Casper 2nd Grade English caspera@beardstown.com
Isamar Chavez-Hernandez 3rd Grade Dual Language-Spanish chavezi@beardstown.com
Stephanie Chavez Kindergarten Dual Language-Spanish chavezstephanie@beardstown.com
Alison Clements Title One clementsa@beardstown.com
Gennah Cook Special Education



Anissa Crotts Kindergarten English crottsa@beardstown.com
Beth DeWitt 4th Grade dewittbeth@beardstown.com
Jessica DeWitt Primary Cross-Categorical dewittj@beardstown.com
  Mika Drumeller Music drumellerm@beardstown.com
Kristin Durham Kindergarten - ESL English durhamk@beardstown.com
Samantha Elam 1st Grade - Dual Language - English elams@beardstown.com
  Rochelle Galvez 4th - Dual Language  cavanaughr@beardstown.com
Nancy Hardy ESL  hardyn@beardstown.com
Jennifer Haschemeyer 4th Grade English haschemeyerj@beardstown.com
Brent Haverback Physical Education haverbackb@beardstown.com
Amy Hemphill Kindergarten English hemphilla@beardstown.com
Jacki Kelly 1st Grade - Dual Language - English kellyj@beardstown.com
Melissa Kimani 3rd Grade kimanim@beardstown.com
Peggy Kinsey 2nd Grade - Dual Language - English kinseyp@beardstown.com
Hannah Lovekamp 4th Grade - Dual Language - English lovekamph@beardstown.com
Maggie Nordsiek Social Worker nordsiekm@beardstown.com
Katie Palmer 2nd Grade - Dual Language - Spanish wagersk@beardstown.com
Mami Phongo Newcomer/ESL phongom@beardstown.com
Ryan Reiss 3rd Grade English reissr@beardstown.com
Emily Riddle 2th and 3rd LD Resource riddlee@beardstown.com
Lisa Riddle Art riddlel@beardstown.com
Donna Rohn 3rd Grade English dkrohn@beardstown.com
Yadira Ruiz-Gil 3rd Grade - Dual Language - Spanish ruizy@beardstown.com
Isabel Sheeley 1st Grade - Dual Language - Spanish sheeleyi@beardstown.com
Toni Shinall 1st Grade - Dual Language - English shinallt@beardstown.com
Kari Six 2nd Grade - Dual Language Stand Alone sixk@beardstown.com
Emily Smith 4th Grade Dual Language smithee@beardstown.com
Rosemary Swan 3rd Grade English swanrosemary@beardstown.om
Nathan Theis 3rd and 4th LD Resource theisn@beardstown.com
Brooke Tracy Kindergarten - Dual Language - English tracyb@beardstown.com
Nick ZuHone 4th Grade English zuhonen@beardstown.com
  Pilar Zuluaga 1st Grade - Dual Language - Spanish zuluagap@beardstown.com

Support Staff

Denise Becker Secretary denise@beardstown.com
Inserted Image Sara Brannan Cafeteria Staff  
Debbie Brown Cafeteria Staff  
Lorie Chrzanowski Aide  
Bibi Cline Language Facilitator  
Brenda Coats Cafeteria Staff  
Tami Cooper Aide  
Jennifer Dotzert Aide  
Jan Ford Aide  
Ana Hamilton One-on-One Aide  
Marlene Krohe Aide  
Linda Lathrop Aide  
Kathy Long Cafeteria Supervisor longk@beardstown.com
Paulina Madigal Aide  
Arizz Molina Language Facilitator  
Carmen Nava Aide  
Robert Ndaye

Language Facilitator

Susan Reichert Aide  
Sabina Rios-Gomez Language Facilitator  
Sarah Seaman Aide seamansarah@beardstown.com
Connie Starkey ESL Department  
Donna Stocker Secretary stocker@beardstown.com
Cindy Swartz Title 1/Bus Driver swartzc@beardstown.com
Carol Tego Aide  
Susan Thompson Cafeteria Staff  
Tara Towery Aide  
Taylor Towery Aide  
Missy Wink Aide  
Staci Young School Nurse youngs@beardstown.com



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